Waste Management Begins at Home (2)

Managing wastes begin at home.

Adopt the 3Rs

To have a truly green and clean environment, some simple lifestyle changes in the way we manage waste can help to reduce the adverse impact of our activities on the environment. Simply adopt the 3Rs to reduce, reuse and recycle. See some tips below:


  1. Always bear in mind to use natural resources like water and wood responsibly.
  2. Ensure to plan well before you shop for perishable food items to avoid needless wastage.  
  3. Remember to put off electric power sockets and bulbs when not in use to save some energy.
  4. Do not leave your water tap running needlessly.
  5. Embrace more reusable biodegradable items. Etc.


Inorganic wastes like plastic bottles, glass jars, metallic cans, etc. can be reused for supplementary purposes at home. E.g., Metallic can be converted into storage for beverages, all you need to do is to buy a refill can. To achieve this, you must first learn and cultivate the habit of separating your wastes. Adopt the practice of primarily separating your wastes into at least 2 categories, namely organic waste, such as food wastes and others that decay within 24-72 hours, and inorganic wastes such as, plastic bags, metal cans, glass, or pet bottles, etc.


The organic wastes can be further separated into glasses, plastics bottles, and papers which are all recycled. To recycle means to find another use for something that has been otherwise discarded. This is done mainly for recycling purpose, that is those wastes can be converted back into something reusable and the cycle continues.

It is hoped that with these few tips, you have learned, and should be able to practice proper wastes management in your own little space.

Written by Abiola Akinniyi