World Clean-up Day 2020

Something deep down is telling me that you haven’t heard about World Cleanup Day. So, I will start by introducing you to what the day is all about. World Cleanup Day is a day set apart to raise awareness of the mismanaged waste crisis by mobilizing all spheres of society to participate in cleanup activities (according to Wikipedia actually. Winks.)

Let’s face reality. It is no longer shocking to see our gutters clogged and filled to the brim with plastic bottles, takeaway packs, plastic bags, and what have you. We are used to this anomaly that it has become a norm. Year after year, we do face the problem of flooding simply because our drainages have been converted to dump sites. Of course, I know other factors contribute to the flooding, but I bet you that the major cause is the mismanagement of wastes.

Asides flooding, waste mismanagement can harm your health. The truth is your body does not only absorb what it eats, but also what it smells and what comes on the skin. Therefore, exposure to improperly disposed of wastes can cause skin irritations, blood infections, respiratory problems, growth, and even reproductive issues. Another major adverse effect of waste mismanagement is climate change. I’m sure that you know that the inconsistency of rain we experienced this year is not the work of village people. Those 7 weeks of no rain in Lagos are due to climate change. The climate is now as confused as ever due to our nonchalant attitude (sighs). There are so many adverse effects caused by waste mismanagement but in order not to bore you, let’s leave it at those, and face the solution.

Like earlier stated, World Cleanup day is aimed at correcting the act of waste mismanagement by getting involved in community cleanup and sensitization.

So, this year, we want you to be part of our Cleanup Heroes, we are set to be on the street on the 19th, September 2020 to pick up a thousand plastic bottles and bags. Also, we will clear up as many gutters as we can and sensitize community members about the importance of appropriate waste management. You can set up a team in your community and share your success story with us.

Written by Olajide Oluwabukolami