OptiGreen’s World Clean-up Day

OptiGreen foundation joined other organizations around the world to mark the World Clean Up Day on 21st of September 2019. Organizations from different parts of the world carried out clean up exercise and sensitization. OptiGreen joined her Nigerian counterparts to clean up Bamiji Lawal Street, Bariga, Lagos State.

The event started with a warm exchange of pleasantries and connection amongst the different organizations that were present. Some of the organisations represented at the clean-up exercise include, Ecowarriors, Rees Africa, JCI, SWAT, Street Love, etc. All participating organizations shared the available cleaning equipment and mingles to collaborate. Some of the equipment shared includes, rakes, hand gloves, nose mask, shovels, dirt pickers, etc. It was such a beautiful sight to see young people who had never met before the event connect so well and collaborate effectively. It was the common goal and unity of purpose that lead to such effectiveness in collaboration.

The clean-up exercise commenced with a short guideline by one of Ecowarrior’s representatives. OptiGreen’s representative used the opportunity to suggest to all the participants that all plastic wastes should be separated, all waste should be bagged away from the gutters. Another volunteer spoke to ensure that the locals are sensitied to ensure sustainability of the clean-up culture. The entire Bamiji Lawal Street including all the gutters was cleaned and all the wastes were separated and bagged effectively.

The locals were stirred as they saw the volunteers carry out the clean-up exercise passionately. Some of them joined the work and even assisted with wheelbarrows; while the older people assisted the volunteers with water for drinking and hands and feet washing. The volunteers ensured to sensitize the locals on the need to sustain the cleaning habits and embrace the recycling of plastic wastes. The team got assurance from the environmental officer on duty and the Community Development Association (CDA) committee that the waste disposal truck assigned to the event has been contacted and will pick up the wastes. The event was a success and the feedback from the host community was great. And of course, there was picture time among the volunteers and with the locals.