7 Greenness Dos

7 Optigreen Dos
7 greenness tips

Look around you and see what your environment looks like now, picture what you would like it to look like in say a year’s time. Good! Now do not stop there just yet, take it further a bit. You can do something in your own little way. Do not stop just yet, fine, there are big things that need to be done and you do not have the time for thinking for the people in authority regarding that, still, there is no issue. Well, it is not the big things that caused the big environmental problems you are not happy about; it is the small things. So, to undo the big things, why not start small, at no cost, within your capacity, in your little way, and for your benefit.

Below are seven (7) pledges you can paste in your kitchen, on your door, waste bin, etc to help you remember your responsibility to your environments you can do for yourself: 

  1. Be green and clean in your own space: Let your own environment be clean always. Favor planting over cutting down. Consider caring for a lawn and eating from your own garden.
  2. Separate your waste for recycling: This is easy, simply put papers, plastic, and nylons, bottles, and cans into separate waste bags and send all for disposal like that. It will encourage waste management workers, and recycling, in general, will improve. When you do, remember to encourage others to do the same.
  3. Do not waste natural resources: Always remember the fact that some things in nature take time to recycle. Kindly apply this knowledge when you utilize them. Ensure to avoid leaving the tap water running needlessly, avoid printing if you can, reuse plastic bottles if you can, and so on.
  4. Be a greenness ambassador: Speak for greenness and environmental sustainability privately and publicly, offline and online.
  5. Think sustainability: Seek sustainable means at every given opportunity when creating solutions to any form of challenge. The idea must be to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.
  6. Be green optimistic: Embrace all possibilities in a bid to leave a greener world behind. Think outside the box for greenness sake.
  7. Share greenness: Share the greenness message to all. When you share greenness, you share life.

Now you see, most of the tips above are within your grasp and will make a serious impact if you do. Try it out for just a month, see if it adds value to you and other people and if it feels right, continue to share the idea. Contact OptiGreen if otherwise is the case. The cause is to inspire and empower people to challenge the status quo towards a greener world.